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Flexi Invest

Decide your own investment portfolio, find and choose the investment products that is most suitable for your needs, also with the convenience to top-up your investment anytime you want, all can be done without commitment and time limit.

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Top Choice Financial Product

Find the best mutual investment product that has been directly curated by our experts with more than 20 years of experience in the financial services and investment industry.

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Eko P. Pratomo
Former CEO & Senior Advisor one of the leading investment managers in Indonesia.

Investment Committee Halofina

Lifeplan Invest Asset Allocation

Integrated Lifeplan feature, through the facility of asset allocation, you can move your investment asset in Flexi Invest to your Lifeplan portfolio that has been made easily anytime.


"In the past, I usually kept the emergency funds in an ordinary savings account. Now, I have entered my emergency funds into Halofina's Smart Saving feature. Apart from being safer from the desire to use emergency funds for non-emergency purposes, the returns I get are greater than regular savings." .

Christian Hermawan, 26 years old
Private Employee & LevelUp Founder
FAQ Flexi Invest

Why choose Flexi Invest?

Flexi Invest offers the convenience to invest for investors who want to invest and build their investment portfolio independently. Halofina provides various choices of investment products that have been curated by experts for the convenience of finding the best investment product.

Is the safety of investment through Flexi Invest guaranteed?  

Halofina has been officially listed by OJK, as well as Tanamduit as a partner distributor and Indogold as partner gold distributor has been listed and licensed by OJK.

Is my fund (savings) managed by Halofna?

As how the regulation is decreed by Financial Service Authority (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan), your fund will be managed by Investment Manager, also recorded and saved by custodian bank. Therefore, Halofina will not be managing your fund.

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